CARE Tanzania

CARE began working in Tanzania in April 1994, in response to the crisis in Rwanda and the subsequent influx of refugees into the Kagera Region of northwestern Tanzania. Over the past two decades, CARE Tanzania has added innovative education, health, micro-finance, and environmental programs across most regions of the country to its program portfolio.

Women and girls in Tanzania face gender inequalities and injustices in social, political, and economic relations that limit their ability to participate in society and claim their rights. In this context, CARE Tanzania develops strategies to promote women’s economic empowerment, advance gender equality, and address social injustices affecting rural women in Tanzania.

Trip Focus: Financial Inclusion- Village Savings & Loan Associations & Linkage to Formal Banking

CARE created the Village Savings & Loan Association (VSLA) model in Niger in 1991, and has since expanded VSLA programming throughout Africa and beyond, adapting it to different regional contexts. CARE has built a global reputation as the leader for savings-led financial inclusion in Africa. In recognition of the model's unparalleled sustainability - 85% of groups are still operating five years after CARE exits - VSLAs have become a powerful entry point for programming across CARE’s program strategy outcome areas.

CARE has promoted VSLAs for more than 25 years to enable women living in poverty to increase their financial skills, gain access to and control over resources, and generate economic opportunities and income. In 2009, CARE set out to scale up VSLAs and has since expanded access to this savings-led, community-based financial solution from an initial 1 million members in 2008 to 6.7 million members across 46 countries today. These members represent 317,335 groups of predominantly rural, poor women collectively saving and investing over $433 million per year.

Throughout Tanzania, CARE has formed 19,409 VSLAs with a membership of 448,904, 70-78% of which are women. Over the past four years, loan fund utilization rates among these groups ranged from 70-95%.

In collaboration with some of the largest banks in Tanzania, including the National Microfinance Bank (NMB), Access Bank and Mwanga Community Bank, CARE is pursuing a staggered approach to product development and linking VSLA groups and individuals to formal banking. Interested groups are trained on financial literacy and bank linkages before bank partners offer groups and individuals savings products. Groups then decide whether to link or not. For those that do, CARE and our partners jointly monitor group and product performance on a regular basis, flagging and addressing concerns as we progress. Groups or members that perform well- and that request access to loans- are then given access by the bank to group credit products that have been co-designed by CARE, the bank and VSLA members themselves. Ultimately, the project aims to demonstrate that these products are feasible, scalable, profitable and most importantly that they can substantially contribute to the well-being of poor households.


CARE Journeys Tanzania Itinerary 2018

 Day One- Sunday, July 1

  • Welcome Dinner, Security Briefing & Itinerary Review

Day Two- Monday, July 2

  • Breakfast at the Hilton
  • Meet the CARE Tanzania Team; Program Strategy Introduction
  • Meet the Access Africa team; CHOMOKA App Introduction
  • Lunch at Epi d’Or
  • Project Visit: Meeting with VSLA Members & Community-Based Trainers
  • Dinner at The Waterfront Restaurant

Day Three- Tuesday, July 3

  • Breakfast at the Hilton & Check-Out
  • Project Visit: Meeting at NMB Bank to Discuss LinkUp Project + Savings at the Frontier
  • Lunch at Mediterraneo Restaurant
  • Depart for Kilimanjaro (JRO)
  • Check-In & Dinner at AMEG Lodge

Day Four- Wednesday, July 4

  • Breakfast at the AMEG Lodge
  • Project Visit: Go Green
  • Project Visit: Traditional Approach to VSLA
  • Lunch Near Maasai Community
  • Project Visit: Maasai VSLA Group
  • Closing Dinner at Indoitaliano 

Day Five- Thursday, July 5

  • Breakfast at AMEG Lodge & Check-Out
  • Local Excursions: Coffee Plantation Tour, Union Coffee Shop
  • Depart for Arusha
  • Dinner at Arusha Hotel; Prepare for Safari Departure

 Day Six- Friday, July 6

  • ​​​Depart for Safari*Itinerary is subject to change based on local conditions. Travelers will be notified of any changes.