Ethiopia Adventures in Addis Ababa and the Northern Highlands

March 31 – April 6, 2019

7 Days/6 Nights; Trip cost $3,400 per person

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Trip cost includes Day Six activities and may be reduced based on
number of travelers, shared rooms and early departures;
International airfare not included

Ethiopia is a must-see for every world traveler with ancient castles and natural wonders that will leave you wishing you had more time to spend in this beautiful country. From the Blue Nile Falls to the Simien Mountains, don't forget your camera as your family and friends may not believe the stories you bring home.

During your CARE Journey, we will explore how CARE is implementing life-changing programming in the midst of one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises. You will have the unique opportunity to sit with women and girls who have found their voice in a political and social environment that too often hides them. From education to agriculture, entrepreneurship and advocacy, these women are an inspiration.

Project Visits

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Day One- Sunday, March 31

Upon landing in Addis Ababa, you will be greeted by a CARE or hotel representative at the airport to assist with a smooth transition to the hotel. We will begin our trip with a tour of Addis Ababa, a city nestled in rugged foothills that serves as the capital of the only African nation never to have been colonized. Our tour will take us to the home of a former Ethiopian king high in the mountains with stunning views of the city. Keep your eyes open for families of Yellow Baboons that populate the foothills and mountains outside of Addis Ababa. Our tour will also include Ethiopia’s cultural and historical museums giving you a complete history of this diverse country. A can’t miss is Lucy, the world’s oldest known skeleton of early humans. We will wrap up the day with a Welcome Dinner hosted by our CARE Ethiopia team for a chance to meet one another and get ready for what will be a fascinating week.


Day Two- Monday, April 1

Starting the day, we will make the short drive to the CARE Ethiopia offices where we will have an in-depth conversation covering our Journeys itinerary and the life-changing programming being implemented by the Ethiopia team. During this conversation, you will meet the program staff managing the projects and will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain an insider’s look into CARE Ethiopia operations. After enjoying lunch with the team, we will head out for our first field visit. Located in one of the more marginalized Addis neighborhoods, we will visit the Women to Women project, where CARE and partner H&M have reached more than 5,000 women with entrepreneur and savings trainings to empower these women to become more financially secure. By participating in this comprehensive program, the women received training on accessing capital, managing savings and loans, small business development and market entry. We will visit with some of the women who have graduated from the program and you will hear their inspiring stories.


Day Three- Tuesday, April 2

In the morning, we leave the bustling capital behind and make our way to the northern town of Bahir Dar situated on the shores of Lake Tana. Arriving at the airport after a short flight, we will be met by CARE Ethiopia’s regional team who will be our hosts for the next four days, showing us not only the strategies behind program implementation but some of the most beautiful and intriguing sites the northern highlands have to offer. We will spend the afternoon visiting several ancient churches and monasteries, some dating back to the 13th century, found on many of the lake’s 37 islands. And a visit to Bahir Dar is never complete without a glimpse of the Blue Nile Falls, a waterfall that can span more than 1,300 feet in length during the rainy season. We will wrap up our day of adventure having dinner with the local CARE staff who will walk us through the intricacies of life in the field.


Day Four- Wednesday, April 3

This will be the start of two exciting days in the field that truly take you off the beaten path! From the cultural and regional hub of Bahir Dar, we head east into the highlands for a visit with Social Analysis & Action (SAA) and Toward Economic and Sexual/Reproductive Health Outcomes for Adolescent Girls (TESFA) project participants. Upon arriving at the project location, we will enjoy lunch with an SAA group who meet regularly to discuss and transform the social norms regarding women’s rights, gender equality and supporting women’s participation in all walks of life. The afternoon will be spent visiting the homes and shops of TESFA participants, learning from these women and girls to better understand how their lives have been changed through participation in CARE programming.


Day Five- Thursday, April 4

Our second day traveling into the field will lead us to one of CARE’s innovative programs that have helped sustain hundreds of thousands of communities in countries throughout Africa during times of man-made and natural crises. Farmer Training Centers are on the agenda for the day. We will spend the afternoon in a community where farmer training centers have been established to teach agricultural methods that increase productivity and diversify crops as a way to improve food security.  As farmers in all of the countries where CARE operates continue to report changing weather conditions that are severely impacting harvests, the farmer training centers remain an integral part of CARE’s work in rural communities. Wrapping up this visit, we will make our way to the town of Gondar, on the northern reaches of Lake Tana. In the evening, we will celebrate our adventure-filled week with a Closing Dinner sharing stories and highlights from the week behind us.


Day Six- Friday, April 5

The town of Gondar, often called the Camelot of Ethiopia, has long been known for its many ancient castles and churches. Once the site of Ethiopia’s capital, the city was host to many past Emperor’s and Empresses’ leading into the 18th  century. It was known as an important administrative, religious, political and cultural center that was a crossroads of trade. Following our morning visit to these ancient sites, we will make our way to Simien Mountains National Park, one of the most stunning landscapes in all of Africa. During an afternoon trek through the park, we may catch a glimpse of the rare wayla ibex, gelada baboons and the bush buck. Spending a final night in the Simien Mountains Lodge, you will have a chance to relax and reflect on what is sure to be a life-changing experience.


*Itinerary is subject to change due to local conditions. Guests will be informed of any itinerary changes. 

Our trip starts in Addis Ababa and ends at the Simien Mountains National Park