Mayan ruins, thermal springs and tropical jungles;

Join us on this western highlands adventure!

April 23-28, 2018

6 days/5 nights; $3,372 per person

International airfare not included. Upon request, guests are welcome to use CARE's travel partner for flight reservations.


Experience Honduras as few have! Leave the beaten path to see how CARE is working alongside women and their families to change lives in rural communities. 

Venture into Honduras's western highlands and visit hot springs, rare Macaw parrots and Mayan ruins.

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Day One - Monday, April 23

Upon arrival into Tegucigalpa, you will be greeted at the airport by a CARE staff member. Your first stop will be the hotel for a quick rest before departing for an afternoon in Valle de Angeles. A short and scenic drive will put you in the center of this beautiful, historic Spanish-mining town embracing its 16th century origins. Visit the small, Spanish style church, relax in the town square with a cup of coffee made from locally grown beans and visit the many shops managed by Honduran artisans. Upon returning to Tegucigalpa, enjoy a Welcome Dinner with CARE staff as we prepare for an exciting four days.

Hotel Intercontinental

Dinner Included in Trip Cost

Day Two - Tuesday, April 24

Our journey into the western highlands begins with a stop in the remote village of Las Mangos, host to CARE’s PROLEMPA project- (Promoting Rural Tourism with Women’s Groups). The PROLEMPA project improves the economic welfare of small-scale entrepreneurs and producers, especially women, youth, and indigenous people, through the development of the coffee value chain, rural tourism and microfinance. The visit will include a demonstration of how the local community is working to create a tourist-friendly, accessible environment. The day finishes with a scenic drive to the town of Gracias and a chance to unwind in the near-by thermal springs, well known by all Hondurans for their rejuvenating powers.

Hotel Posada de Don Juan

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included in Trip Cost

Day Three - Wednesday, April 25

We continue our drive through the western highlands with breathtaking views before arriving in the town of Tomala. Here we will visit CARE’s PROSADE LEMPA project, focusing on water-smart agriculture, water harvesting and rural economic development. Visit with farmers in their small gardens as they show off their produce that is providing nutritious meals and income for their families. Feel free to test out the durability of the large water storage units by walking across one. This water-bed-like experience will give scale to the volume of water these units capture to help farmers survive the dry seasons. The day finishes with a drive to the colonial town of Santa Rosa and for those feeling a bit adventurous, a walk up the 100+ steps of the local park for a beautiful view of the city and its white-washed cathedral in the town center.

Hotel Elvir

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included in Trip Cost

Day Four - Thursday, April 26

One of Honduras’s most impressive locations, Ruinas de Copan is the next stop on our journey. Upon arrival into this beautiful, laid back town, we will make our way to the Macaw Mountain Bird Park. The park is critical to regional conservation efforts and has been instrumental in protecting the rare Macaw parrots. If you would like, extend an arm and allow one of these beautiful birds to find a perch. Following the park visit and lunch, we will spend the afternoon visiting the famous Mayan Ruins of Copan. This ancient city was built between 400 and 800 A.D. and is considered by many one of the most spectacular cities of the Maya civilization. We will tour the grounds, including a walk through the narrow underground passageways found beneath the massive pyramids. The day concludes with time to stroll through the town and find souvenirs for family and friends among the many shops.

Hotel Marina Copan

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included in Trip Cost

Day Five - Friday, April 27

On our final day of the journey, we set out for San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras. Before arriving in San Pedro Sula, we will take a detour into the agricultural lands of northwestern Honduras for a visit to CARE’s Nourishing the Future project. The project is committed to improving food and nutrition security through education, development of entrepreneurship skills, and access to marketing, viewed through the lenses of gender and climate change. The visit will provide an opportunity to visit with local farmers as they demonstrate how participation in the project, from tilapia farms to maize fields, has changed their lives and the lives of their families. Finally, we will arrive in San Pedro Sula with some time to relax before enjoying a Closing Dinner to reflect on this remarkable trip.

Hilton Princess

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included in Trip Cost

Travelers are free to begin departing late on the evening of April 27th.